Zach Abraham Discusses the Coronavirus Outbreak’s Impact on Markets

Zach Abraham again appeared on, a show broadcasting live from the New York Stock Exchange, to discuss the effect that the coronavirus outbreak is having on stock markets.

As the coronavirus spreads around the globe, it continues to drag down markets. Zach says one of the biggest misconceptions out there is that the coronavirus outbreak might be a transient threat. The central banks may not be able to stop the losses by “juicing” markets with more cash, because both the supply chain from China and the demand side from consumers are being hit.

There are anomalies all over the market when you examine the data; it’s not just the Treasurys we should be looking at. Corporations are at record levels of debt, which has tripled since 2007. And this debt is at its lowest quality in history, with over 50% of it rated lower than BBB. The spread between debt and earnings, as well as negative cash flows, are also of concern.

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